Campaign to pay all MPs £250,000 a year starts here

I would just like to say – MPs fiddling their expenses? I DON’T CARE! BBC – and all the rest of the media – stop colluding with the (Tory) politicians and diverting our attention from genuine social and political issues! Has anyone noticed how the environment is being smashed up? People are dying in Afghanistan? They still haven’t found a cure for Malaria? Stuff like that? Why are the media going on and on about flipping MPs expenses???? Just pay them all a proper salary, they are running the country after all.

What I really don’t understand about the whole thing is how Cameron manages to sit there all smug and saintly as if he’s never watched a ‘film’ in his hotel room in his life. Surely ALL the MPs regardless of party line have done the dodgy claims thing if they have an ounce of cunning, which is rather what politicians are renowned for. If a politician isn’t capable of squeezing maximum pence from their expenses claims, that probably means they shouldn’t be a politician.

To kick start my campaign for paying MPs properly and not having all this crap about expenses fiddling in the media, can we all please have a 24 hour news turn off. When they see the ratings plummet they might realise that cab drivers and callers to Radio 5 phone ins aside nobody actually gives a monkey’s arse about this and they should go and make some proper news.


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