Save the baby albatrosses!

Since going all political yesterday, I would like to add that Rose sometimes looks like Boris Johnson when she does a poo. I noticed it the other day, her hair was all thatched over her forehead, she went red in the face her jaw went slack and her eyes slightly popped. Boris to the life.

Today we went to Hyde park where Jason did a longish training run before the marathon at end of May. After that we went to the Natural History Museum to see the new butterfly show, which is like a hot house full of butterflies and some educational style panels up about their lifestyles and how they are going extinct and so on. There were notices up about not letting any butterflies escape or they would face certain death in the icy and polluted air of South Ken. Of course we were careful not to let this happen but we did see a family, very like ours, hold open the polythene door flaps to let the buggy through and unfortunately a butterfly did get out. They must have felt really bad. It wasn’t us, as I said. The one that got out was fairly numerous, so that probably made us feel a bit better about it. Them.

There is a programme on tv right now showing tiger sharks in the South Pacific eating albatross chicks. I can’t watch! It just makes me think about my little chick. Swimming in the great ocean of life! Full of sharks!!! Oh woe. But I’ll always be right behind her, making sure she doesn’t fall down the stairs, won’t I?


4 responses to “Save the baby albatrosses!

  1. does Rosy backtrack on committments when she does a poo as well? just for that extra bit of authenticity?

    • Sydenham Leave

      No! She is very committed to everything she does. Her Boris moments are restricted to poos. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

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