Blooming Rose

Rose was the only child at nursery for a while this morning so chatted with the manager and staff member. The manager S started saying ‘Rose is very intuitive! When she sees another child upset she’ and here she paused to adjust her hold on Rose while I filled in, in my mind …comforts them? offers them a toy? buys them a drink? but S finished ‘… slaps them’. I reeled a bit but everyone was smiling. S went on to say something about how Rose was trying to understand how other children work, but obviously being under a year old, lacks the skills such as speech for the subtler kinds of interaction. The other woman there said fondly ‘She had a tantrum yesterday!’, but in a sort of ‘isn’t she sweet’ sort of way. So hopefully they all see Rose in the same way me and Jason do, as totally wonderful, funny and delightful.

They write lovely accounts of Rose’s day in a little yellow book, do the nursery. They only do it a few times a week but I fall on it like a copy of Heat found on the tube. They always list what she has eaten which usually sounds like the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Saturday lunch, with endless food items taking up nearly three lines on the page. No wonder she didn’t want her chickpea stew last night, it must pall after all the delicious bagels and dips, home made bread and cakes, freshly made hot food and lovingly cut up fruit she gets at nursery. I’ve come to terms with the sausage rolls but I will declare on corned beef at some future date.

Summaries of Rose’s developing talents:

Giving you things (and taking them back)
Getting you to blow on her windmill by holding it out (before she breaks it)
Bringing you books to read to her
Bringing another book to read to her before you have finished reading the first book
Turning the pages of two books at once
And only this morning, the cleverest thing ever – I was reading from a Bookstart book and said the line ‘there’s a baby who’s very shy’ and she started waving before I got to the line ‘and there’s a baby who’s waving bye bye’. This was even more clever because I had actually said the line when I was on the wrong page, so shows she is developing her language and listening and memory skills like nothing else.

I’ve been exchanging emails with the Korean publisher, and discovered that although they do in fact exist despite my theory that they were some kind of elaborate spam emailers, they are offering v little money in return for world wide rights to books with no royalties. So thinking hard about how to proceed. I’ve also been in touch with an agent who was very helpful via email. I’ve sent her a bunch of stuff to look at this morning. So it could all go either way.


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