What a bloody horrible week. I won’t go into details. Horrible though. Like a real nightmare.

I was cheered up by spotting Joris Bohnson this morning (don’t want anyone googling his name and accidentally finding this blog again, as it isn’t actually for people to read). He was at London Bridge station and he looked very grateful to be noticed. We saw Ken on the tube a few years ago, so my mayor spotters notebook is full.

What’s Rose been up to – well she made her first trip to Scotland to cheer on her dad running his last ever marathon. It was also his first, but he’s promised he won’t do it again. He ran a staggeringly good time, it was better than Gordon Ramsay I believe. Just over four hours, on the hottest day in Sottish history this century. It was really hot, I got a bit of sunburn, and Jason forgot to put sun cream on his lower shoulder blades and now has large crimson quote marks on his back. I am forced to put moisturiser on it each night, bleurghh.

The train journey was long and boring especially for those aged 1. She very cutely fell asleep on a chair. We gave her the fluffy elephant she is addicted to, and she fell face first onto it floomp, and went straight to sleep. Before we set off I was full of dread about the journey. I sat down on the train with Rose on my lap and remarked to her that it was going to be a long five hours, five hours of baby hell, I may have said, and the woman opposite, who had piled up her glossy magazines and snacks on the table in front of her ready for a relaxing trip, picked up all her stuff and moved off silently to an airline seat. Actually Rose was so wonderful on the way there and back, she waved at the other people and threw crayons at them, she slept and ate and squawked a tiny bit but overall was totally awesome considering how frustrating it must have been for her not being able to crawl and walk around.

We had a lovely time in Edinburgh – I met up with an old school friend who came with me and Rose to support Jason. On Sunday evening we visited some old friends of Jason’s, who live in Morningside. They have 3 small girls and Rose had a fantastic time. She zoomed in, poked the smallest one in the eye, hurled herself on the adults, and jumped right into the toybox. She kicked out all the toys and was a bit sick on the mini keyboard, because of the excitement. She went to sleep in her buggy and when it was time to go home, we carried her down the stairs in the buggy, pushed her back to the b+b and then put her into the cot. Very exciting as we haven’t tried this strategy before and it seems to work. The elephant is the key.


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