Monday Monday

Spent the weekend flat out – yesterday the in-laws popped round on their way from Lowestoft and we had a lovely time hanging out in the garden and eating, playing with Rose and chatting. Rose has suddenly got shyness- when someone turns up who she doesn’t recognise immediately, she hides her face on your trousers, or buries her head in your neck. Rose now has a hand knitted bolero of many colours, the handiwork of Grand-aunty V. She looks not only cool but also funky in it.

Rose came up trumps for father’s day, making a special breakfast for her daddy and leaving the sports section and a can of beer on his plate. He didn’t actually drink the beer. The girls at the nursery made fabulous father’s day cards with the children, so each child had one to take home which they had painted/glittered/glued themselves. Totally gorgeous.

I went to a funny little optician in the city on Saturday because they do super cheap glasses. Handed over 300 quid and praying they don’t go bust before my specs are ready. NB 300 quid is cheap for the lenses I normally get, if I didn’t have thin glass my eyes would look like tiny tadpoles swimming under thick ice. I chose frames with bendy-out hinges to make them a bit more Rose-safe.


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