The sharp end

The routine seems to be when I pick up Rose from nursery, she is playing happily and waves her arms and beams when I appear. When she goes in her buggy her eyes immediately glaze over and she switches on the thousand yard stare. At home she often starts wailing the second I put her down. And then it carries on like that til bedtime, except for moments when she has just eaten, or is eating, or is acquiring a magnificent moustache by snogging the cat with a runny nose. Sometimes she is so tired I can’t give her dinner – at least not without major distractions and cunning ploys. Otherwise she just slumps sideways in her high chair, wailing.

Basically but the end of the day shes is totally partied out. I have been encouraging the nursery to get her to sleep more but she doesn’t want to miss a single thing going on with her chums, and waits til I show up to go into grouchy mode. Can’t say I blame her, she didn’t ask to go to nursery right?

She had her MMR and booster jabs yesterday. It wasn’t like the earlier jabs when she was still clueless and weak. This time she clearly recognised the needle but couldn’t quite place it. There was just a vague look of disquiet on her face. After the first jab, the light went on. The second needle loomed and she wasn’t having any of it. The nurse was hovering and mid-plunge, Rose did a massive twist and wrenched herself out of my grasp. She still got her injection after I increased my grip enough to restrain the Incredible Hulk. She went off to nursery with a two inch scratch on one shoulder and a chocolate beard where I had successfully stopped her screaming by posting chocolate buttons into her mouth. All the blood and tears is def worth it to prevent nasty diseases.


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