Teething trouble

The nice girl from the nursery called Jason at work to tell him that Rose was a bit poorly, but was vague about how ill. Should we ring an ambulance? Did I have time to finish my cup of tea? I went off work early to get her and when she set eyes on me she perked up so much that the nursery girl was a bit embarrassed. Rose was quite hot but then the under twos room is just boiling – on a warm day like today it’s totally stifling. She was lying around like a cherub who’s fallen off her cloud, in nothing but a nappy. Very very very cute. I love all the other babies in the under twos unit, often they rush up to you and demand a hug or give you a piece of Duplo. Sooooooo gorgeous.

I was surprised how non-freaked out I was by getting ‘The Call’ from the nursery for the first time, but it really sounded just like teething and that’s what it probably was. They were just so amazed to see Rose not her usual bright and bouncy self that they felt they had to call us. It’s nice to feel they panic a bit when Rose stops smiling – I know I do!

Anyhow Rose had a nap, then ate an entire peach and quarter of a breadstick for supper (I did offer her a nutritionally balanced meal but she kept crying and pointing at the fruit bowl). I foolishly gave her milk in the front room and she kept standing up to drink when I told her to sit. I eventually took the sippy cup off her because she was tossing milk all over the sofa, and she had a proper, lying down, doing backstroke on the carpet, beating the floor with her fists tantrum. For one minute, then she fetched over a book of baby animals and we had a peaceful read until Jason got home.

This morning AFTER I’D GONE TO WORK, Jason asked Rose to get her shoes. And she did. Gutted.


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