Judging a book by its cover

Forgot to say! The most exciting thing happened the other day – Rose pointed to the cover of my book about cows and said ‘moo’! She did! Not totally surprising given that I’ve been reading it to her on a daily basis since birth. But still! She can almost read!

Also, yesterday I did a ‘Red Indian’ war cry, the one where you pat your mouth with the palm of your hand while going oooooo. She is now whooping around the place, the cats are literally shitting themselves.

This morning I had a really weird funny turn when I got into work. It was connected with period pains, heat, stress and not enough tea, and I had to lie down in the medical room for half an hour. Everyone looked concerned and asked if I was alright when I got back to the office, you could almost read their thought bubbles ‘funny turn = pregnant’. I was forced to email my (male) boss with details of my menses I’m sure he didn’t want to know. If only I’d known the medical room was there when I was pregnant I would have had my little naps there every afternoon instead of nodding off on the toilet.


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