Card season

We’ve had a few christmas cards from the other toddlers at nursery, very good handwriting – I’m forced to write Rose’s cards on her behalf. I’m in a bit of a quandary as to whether to send a card to the little boy she bites all the time. Might wait and see if we get one from him.

Jason is out which is why I can get on the computer. Me and Rose lit the Chanuka candles, she was highly impressed and said ‘ooo!’ and ‘hot!!’, both correct. They were oooo and hot.

No bath for young person tonight as I left the bathroom window open this morning to let the steam out, and an Arctic blizzard swept in during the day. There weren’t actually snowdrifts in the bath but when I put my head round the door frost formed on my eyebrows, so I thought it would be safer to wipe her extremities and straight into bed rather than risk hypothermia. I remember too well my childhood bathtimes when all the bits of you in the water were too hot and the bits sticking out were chilly, then when you got out the towel wasn’t big enough. Put me off baths for life. Baths are only any good in expensive hotels where the central heating isn’t rationed, someone else is cleaning the floor, the soap is expensive and there is a flatscreen tv in the wall opposite. No point otherwise.


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