Budget Christmas

It’s so cold, I’m wearing tights under my jeans and three jumpers. We got a cheap Christmas tree aka Chanukah bush in Thornton Heath and decorated it with pound shop baubles, plus my home made angel (brandishing Nokia phone and Channel bag). It can’t be long before Rose makes her own toilet roll angel.

Here is a list of words Rose can say:

The most recent is potato (comes out as taytoo), plus also: baby (beebee), bubbles, head, hair, hand, hat, more, apple, pear, hot! no, yes, hi, byebye, water, book, look, car, ‘all gone’ (meaning none left, or empty meaning a bottle or plate), ball, up, down, cracker, bear, ‘what’s that?’ mouth, nose, Rose (Rowze), daddee, eye, poo, teeth, bird, dog, bread, bed, bath (last three all sound pretty much the same) mummy (if the others are saying it at nursery) and animal noises for big cats, domestic cats, cows, birds and a great fish impression. She is making progress towards yoghurt, and I swear she said chocolate today when she ate one chocolate tree decoration and then wanted to eat the rest. We have removed all edible baubles to avoid future disagreements.


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