Rose new or newish words:

Meat, wee, nice, buggy, wet, Minnie (the cat), apple, bear, tiger, elephant, hydrogenated, cake, milk, bowl, bath, tap, teeth.

I slipped a fake in there can you spot it?

Arg it’s snowing – I’ve brought work home with me, top marks to moi. Tv news full of men in parkas predicting doom. If I am stuck at home with Rose tomorrow unable to leave the house I predict doom also. The weather has been bad for the last few days and Rose doesn’t like being kept indoors, on the other hand she doesn’t like being cold and wet outside. Sadly I can’t fix this particular problem for her.

Yesterday we had a family day out for Jason’s Shmirty Sheventh birthday. We had an upmarket breakfast out and then went to the Natural History Museum where we enjoyed the dinosaurs but not the standing in queue to see them. Rose had a screaming nightmare at about 9.30pm which may or may not have been connected to seeing a life size animatronic snarling t rex.

ps apparently she really did say elephant, Jason says so.


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