Nice to see you…

There is a plot to ruin my Sunday evenings by moving the Antiques Roadshow to 7pm so I miss it. There is literally nothing on tv. Weekend telly has gone back to the 1970s, it’s just like it was when we watched tv at my granny’s house on a Sunday evening and all that was on was gameshows and talent competitions. I seem to remember there was a ‘Big Top’ show, which was basically the circus, on tv. It was fairly good to begin with but when it became apparent that the trapeze artists were never going to fall off we lost interest.

Today we were desperately searching the internet for advice on things to do with the under twos when you are trapped indoors (by rain, snow, triffid-based apocalypse etc). Sadly we found out that we were already doing all the things advised by the internet. Essentially, you can do your nut trying to make your home as entertaining as nursery, but since you lack the key ingredient of other children, no painting, water play, ‘construction*’ or anything is going to keep your under-two engaged for more than 5 minutes. Those so-called childcare professionals at the nursery have it easy, all they have to do is put two or more children in the same space and they will make their own fun by bickering, hitting each other, screaming with delight, running away etc etc. Me and Jason are just boring gigantos Rose has to hang out with in the evenings. Nothing like as good as the other kids at nursery. Is there somewhere you can hire other children?

Yesterday we went to the Horniman where we bumped into the little boy who Rose bites at nursery. It was nice to hang out with him and his mum but it was a bit awkward wondering if she knew, and did she know we know, and did she know we knew she knows? Anyhow the little boy is now in the big kids room to save him being gnawed to death by our daughter so hopefully we can all put it behind us.

*construction is one of the things they do at nursery apparently. ‘Small world’ is another baffling activity. Is this to do with the amusing coincidences that happen in everyday life?


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