Yesterday was the first nice day in several years so we drove out into Kent for a lovely country walk. Rose was eating her sandwich on a bench in the middle of a golf course, when a couple with a labrador came along. Of course being a labrador it hurtled towards us like a formula one racing car and screeched to a halt with its nose inches away from Rose’s sandwich. She wasn’t too freaked out about it, she just emitted a small wobbly noise and tried to protect her sandwich with an arm.

I on the other hand was really pissed off. I can’t remember the exact exchange but it began with me yelling at the woman to take her dog away, she weakly calls to dog, dog ignores her completely, I growl at woman to please control her dog, she says I AM controlling my dog and for heavens sake it’s a LABRADOR it’s not going to bite her, anyway it went on like this until she told me not to speak to her like that, through her teeth. Then I decided to be the mature one and turned my nose in the air to signal the exchange was over (while muttering ‘but you can’t control your dog, can you’ under my breath).

Rose carried on with her lunch unperturbed, and a minute later we noticed the couple hanging about on the other side of the path making their dog sit and stay. I may have overreacted a bit yes. Obviously a labrador is fairly unlikely to bite a child but on the other hand it would definitely nick a sandwich. Being a cat person but very opposed to prejudice and discrimination I’m really keen for Rose to decide for herself that she doesn’t like dogs. She needs a healthy respect for dogs but I don’t want her to be nervous around them and great slobbering labradors poking their muzzles in is the kind of thing that might give you a complex.

We had a nice visit from one of her nursery mates on Sat morning then we bumped into our neighbour with her toddler at lunchtime and went for lunch together. It was interesting that she and the little boy got into occasional small scuffles because they are quite physical together, and happily grab things and push each other then get upset. With Phoebe who is quite gentle fights don’t break out.

Yesterday evening Rose had the most atrocious case of wind you can imagine, it was so bad I kept blaming Jason. I kept smelling her throughout the day at work, it was worse than the Iggle Piggle theme tune.


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