She’s a lover and a fighter

Rose’s nursery report today says she is being kind to a younger child, who is only a year old, and that she hugs her if she cries. I like this, she fights the boys but she also has a soft and caring side. What a cool girl. My mum says Rose is now top dog at nursery being nearly 2, enjoy it Rose.

I was struck by the fact that Rose can identify at least three types of footwear already. She will spontaneously name shoes, boots and slippers. In fact when I pick her up from nursery she looks up in delight and says ‘Daddee!’, and then hurtles towards me shouting ‘shooooooeeees!’. Obviously shoes have quite a large place in her life. She can put her wellies on by herself although she gets a bit angry and hurls her strappy shoes at the wall because she can’t put them on herself yet.

She is slowly getting to grips with me and Jason having different job titles even though we do the same job. I can see why it’s confusing, after all we both do the cooking and nappy changing stuff, obviously she’s forgotten all about the birth and breast feeding stuff I did. Huh. This evening she pointed at me and Jason and said ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’, then pointed at herself and said ‘Rowss’. It’s the first time she’s managed it. Interestingly she has no trouble with calling my parents by their names.

Yesterday evening I was pottering in the kitchen and it all went quiet in the sitting room so I looked round the corner. Rose was sitting on the sofa reading books to herself, turning pages and quietly burbling. Interestingly she didn’t try to squish the pages like she sometimes does when she’s on our laps. There is one book she genuinely can read herself – it’s a fabric book with a rabbit on a string which you insert into little loops or pockets on each page. She acts out all the events like making snoring noises when the rabbit is in bed, and the rabbit playing peek a boo with a bear (nobody gets eaten oddly) and feeding the rabbit icecreams and cereal.

At the weekend Jason said to Rose ‘we love you!’ and she pointed at herself then us and said ‘I (blurble) you’ which I can only interpret as meaning ‘I love you’. This is amazing not only because of the love thing but also because of using pronouns. Also she was mainly pointing towards me so I win. I know this because Jason got grumpy and said ‘what about me?’. So childish.


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