Traditional methods of discipline

Sometimes Rose refuses to walk a step of the way home and I end up carrying her, like today, when I already had two heavy bags full of pound a bowl vegetables and library books and things. I didn’t have time to argue because I was bursting for the loo. We passed this kind looking lady, who looked Rose in the eye as she went past and said something like “So you aren’t walking today then?”. I felt very stung. It’s not just walking, she’s thinking, I bet she gives in to that child’s every whim. Look at her struggling with those bags she would MAKE HER WALK, what a WIMP. Next time I’ll use the loo before leaving nursery and devote plenty of time on the way home to making Rose walk. Or I could just take the buggy and we get more fun time at home.

Our cats are a lot better at discipline – last week Rose attacked Minnie for the millionth time, pinching the skin on her back really hard. Normally Minnie doesn’t react but this time she turned and sank her teeth into Rose. It wasn’t hard enough to break the skin, it was just like cats nip kittens to put them in their place. Rose held her hand out to me for sympathy but I told her it was her fault. I did kiss it better in the end though I’m not made of rock. Anyway since then, Rose and Minnie have been getting on amazingly well and Rose treats her with complete respect. Funny that.


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