So far…

Tonight, one hour forty mins.
After an hour and a half of Rose hurtling out of her room, with occasional breaks to get her breath back and fool us into thinking she had gone to sleep, Jason hit on the idea of holding the door shut. Result: asleep in 10 minutes.

This weekend Jason and his dad built Rose a wonderful playhouse. It’s on LEGS. It came as a kit but one which required a great deal of sawing, drilling and planing. So all grist to the grandfatherly mill. Jason’s dad had a whale of a time with his spirit level. I kept Rose out of the house most of the weekend on various errands and visits, and when she was finally released into the back garden it was like a herd of buffalo stampeding towards the watering hole. She spent a good hour inside the playhouse, pressing her nose against the windows, decorating the floor with pink icecream, ordering us in and kicking us out again. Now have to get some tiny furniture to put inside. I’m really looking forward to inviting other tinies round, I think they will all enjoy playing together in there.


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