Turns out that shutting Rose in her room really works. Last night and tonight, we’ve done the bath and bedtime story routine, kissed everyone goodnight and then after shutting the door gently behind us, held on to the handle grimly while it is shaken as if with the strength of ten big men, actually one angry toddler. Anyhow after about a minute of door handle shaking and howling, you hear a little sigh then small plodding feet. Shortly after she wails ‘cover! cover!” and you go in and pull the duvet up over her tiger and elephant. Two nights running, peace reigns after Rose’s bedtime.

Jason feels kind of guilty about this repressive behaviour. But my theory is that far from enjoying her ‘game’ of running out of the bedroom for over an hour at a time, to be returned to bed by us, she was actually showing that she didn’t really like the freedom the bed gave her. A cot with its bars means there aren’t any options after bedtime – all the decisions about Rose’s movements lay with us. But perhaps she actually quite liked the sense of security that gave her. If so, then being in a bed which lets you get out any time could feel a bit scary to begin with. Hopefully after a while of faking ‘lockdown’ in the evenings she’ll get used to the new bed and go back to loving bedtimes again.

It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow – going for a day out whoo! Wonder if Jason has got me a card. I hope not because I haven’t got him one. On the other hand, he must owe me one from, hmm was it Valentines day… I believe it was.


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