We had a sainsburys delivery today, and every time the delivery man came to the door with another box Rose waved and said “Bye!” very firmly. Today my neighbour said Rose was a tomboy. I’m not sure it’s right to define toddlers by their gender stereotypes at such an early age, I think until they start choosing their own clothes you can’t really tell. Anyhow she is certainly strong, a few weeks ago we had another supermarket delivery and more or less as a joke, I said over my shoulder to Rose, “can you take the loo rolls upstairs?”. I went into the kitchen and she didn’t appear for a couple of minutes. I heard some oofing noises from the stairs, and went round to see her right at the top, lumping a 9 pack of bog rolls over the child gate. Considering the pack was the same size as her I think this was pretty impressive.

Today my boss at work saw me having trouble with my deadline and very helpfully told me for at least the third time that my predecessor used to get her stories in much earlier and was more organised than me. So that was helpful.

Just went for a massage on my shoulder. It reaaaaaly hurt.


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