Bless you, me

Here are some cute and amazing things Rose is doing these days. To counterbalance the depressingness of my pregnancy related posts.

She is very careful to say bless you if anyone sneezes or coughs, but if we don’t say ‘bless you, Rose’ when she sneezes, she punctilliously says ‘bless you, me’.

She likes helping Jason to make bread. She copies him in slapping down the dough and stretching it out. Then she eats it.

Yesterday she climbed up the little climbing wall in the park. It’s higher than her but she whips up it, even swaps feet on the little footrests despite the tiny space and her big shoes. Pro climbers wear those little rubbery shoes don’t they, they aren’t wearing big Clarks trainers?

She is talking really excellently. If someone asks her on the phone ‘how are you?” she replies ‘fine’. When she hands you something she says ‘there go’. You can have conversations, provided you aren’t too bothered about getting reality-based answers (for instance if you ask her what she has been doing she will tell you what she wished she had been doing, such as swimming or eating cake, rather than the mundane truth, usually nursery).

This morning Jason said that my presence was required for some reason or other. Rose looked up hopefully and said ‘presents?’. I tried to explain homonyms to her but she still looked quite disappointed.

She says ‘what doin?’ all the time. All the time. Even when you are changing her nappy.


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