After about 3 months of being in her lovely new bed, Rose still gets up and runs downstairs about a million times a night. She gets to sleep by about 8 or 8.30 and then that is it until about 6.30 am. Which is fine on weekdays. We didn’t really know what to do as she never seems to get sick of getting out of bed even if her eyes are drooping and she can barely walk back up the stairs she is so tired, she can still find the energy to pop back out to see us. Often she appears while we are eating dinner and gives us hiccups with the sight of this exhausted child with her eyeballs spinning and her pyjamas ever more awry at each visitation.

We looked at a few toddler advice sites and all they could suggest was a star chart. So today I hand-crafted a star chart out of foam board and velcro, using glue, felt tips and a pencil. We talked to her about the star chart and how if she decided to stay in her room she would get a star, and after 4 stars, a present. I thought that the day when a present would be required would be far off. However today’s the first day of the star chart, and we haven’t heard so much as a footstep above our heads. That girl wants stars bad. I have trawled Amazon and bought several small gifts by express delivery. These are mainly things I was going to get anyway such as new felt tips and some toy food. Fingers crossed we will be needing them soon.


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