This morning Rose got her fourth star and the little present to go with it. It took her over a week to get all four stars which isn’t such bad going. Each night when she goes to bed we sit outside her room and act totally blank until she gives up and totters back into the room. She has many ruses, including putting her face next to yours and going mwah mwah mwah. Very hard to resist! We have to call on our inner Mr Spock and not kiss her back. I think the time we have to sit outside her room is slowly reducing, started at an hour and a half, now down to about half an hour though she does still pop downstairs now and again. The present was a toy watch, she was bragging about it at nursery today I’m told.

This evening Rose was just going very quiet, when an irritating child rang the doorbell to inform me he had ‘accidentally’ (ie not carelessly) kicked his ball into our garden. So I said no I was busy. Then just as Rose was settling down again 10 minutes later her rang again in some indignation that I hadn’t got his ball for him, as his mother required him back inside. I said tough and stamped back upstairs where Rose was waiting at the top step, curses. I think annoying child went into the garden and got his own ball. He’s one of those children who could be anything from 9 to about 15, he looks kind of steroidal. I see him walking a very large bull terrier with blatant fighting-dog genes and he has no control over it what. so. ever. Once it tried to get into my car while he was bleating ‘Come ear Gristle’ (or whatever the dog’s name was). Funny how dog owners ALWAYS say their dog is so good with children. Doesn’t work the other way round though, children are rubbish at controlling dogs.

Another scan tomorrow… the baby is moving fine so fingers crossed everything is still going ok.


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