Three cheers!

It’s been a particularly nice birthday weekend. Home made bagels and cupcakes by Jason, family trip to an exhibition incorporating a visit to a playground and a trip to a cafe, plus lunch today at an extremely posh restaurant courtesy of mum and dad. What a lovely family I have.

Tomorrow is my last day of official work, Wednesday I have to type up an interview from illegible notes. After that it is all gravy. Work colleagues I thought didn’t like me took me out to lunch last Friday, it was good. My boss nearly cried when I told her I have to leave early for a hospital appointment tomorrow (means skipping out on the board meeting). By nearly cried, I mean she leaned back in her seat while gripping the desk, and rolled her eyes backwards so they almost disappeared. She was exhibiting signs of stress, anyhow. I ended up saying sorry several times, like it’s my fault.

Rose things: love the way she enters a room after an absence of about 5 seconds and announced ‘I’m back!’. The star chart combined with sitting outside her room has reduced the time it takes for her to settle down at night from nearly two hours to about half an hour, pretty good going really. In two weeks she has earned one reward (turns up after four stars). It is going to take her a few more days to get those new felt tips.

Our neighbour’s new baby has arrived so planning to take Rose round there in a few days and let her practice on someone else’s newborn.


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