Can I get a babycino?

Rose has started saying “I need…’ before things like ‘a juice’ ‘go swimming’ ‘a run’ which sounds to me like Americans ordering in a cafe, as per ‘I need a bagel with lox to go’.

After a couple of days in hospital last week they have booked me in to be induced next Thursday. We are buying clothes and nappies for an under-6 pound baby as it’s 2 weeks early and the growth has also been a week behind all the way. Based on the last scan, it should be about 5.5 pounds though my old boss said she was predicted a six pound baby and got a nine pounder. Unlikely in this case but I’m eating lots of butter and meat to build the baby up. Obviously this is just expanding my arse but it feels like I’m doing something constructive.

Today Jason went to Ikea and mothercare to get in various essential things we have only just got round to organising. Lots to do tomorrow! Rose now has a scary dolly which the new baby will present her with the first time they meet, in the manner of colonialists offering the natives trinkets before shooting them all with muskets and taking over their country.

My killer tension headaches came back while I was in hospital so this morning my friend Hill came round and tortured me, I mean gave me a back massage which helps reduce the knotted muscles causing the pain. She’s coming back on Tuesday. I just can’t imagine anything worse than being in labour and having a headache at the same time. I’d have to get an epidural at both ends if that happened.


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