What’s that is?

Rose is learning language by copying us, she often says ‘what’s that is?’ because she has realised that ‘is’ an important thing to say in a question but not that ‘what’s’ is short for ‘what is’. Also ‘That’s mines’. At the same time she is getting past tenses such as ‘I jumped’ which is pretty impressive.

She has started saying ‘I luff you’ a lot, yesterday she said it to Jason, the day before it was to the cat and today it was her bear. She told me her bear was crying today so I gave them all a hug and he felt better. Rose seemed pretty happy when I dropped her off at nursery.

Slept most of the night but had strange vivid dreams and feel quite tired now. One of the dreams was my boss telling me I’d left them loads of work to do. Which is true.

I would like to say that if people have dirty cycling kit they need urgently, they should wash it themselves. The same will apply to anyone in future requiring clean kit for any sporting or social event. I do all the washing but only because I happen to be washing my own stuff, you people are lucky I wash all your jeans and dresses and things. Rose can already put clothes in, add detergent to the drawer and start the washing machine so should be doing her own laundry by age 5.


One response to “What’s that is?

  1. If she has her way she’ll be doing her own laundry by next week.

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