Feeling a bit sick

Strangely my biggest fear about tomorrow is being sick. The poo thing worries me less, I won’t have to clear it up for once. My little brother sent me a kilo and a half of Green and Black’s which gives me all the more motivation to breastfeed.

Today cleaned up the spare room, sorted out piles of small clothes (which will probably all be far too big for the first month) and filed the bank statements and insurance documents from the last 4 years. I was sort of hoping to have 2 or 3 weeks to do all that, it’s been a shock to the system and I’m about ready to collapse. I’ve packed a giant bag of energy snacks for tomorrow going on the principle that you wouldn’t run a marathon without taking some sugar on board along the way. Multiplying up from a standard 4 hour marathon to a possible 24 hour labour, I’ve got about a kilo of sugary snacks. Going by last time Jason will eat half and I’ll eat the rest in the maternity ward.

Now about to blast my brains on drivel tv and hopefully pass out until tomorrow morning.


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