Yesterday Rose told me I had a big bottom. She then came over and emphasised the point by cheerfully slapping me on the behind and saying ‘lovely big buttims!’. Do I do this to her? She DOES have a lovely big bottom, the right size for a toddler I mean. I really like changing her nappy as her plump behind is such a nice reminder of how Sylvia will be soon, after her skinny shanks have filled out. Mind you she is already looking much rounder and crinkly thighs are appearing.

Just waiting for Sylvia to wake up so we can go off to Sainsburys. I should really get her weighed but it’s a choice between baby clinic and getting stuff for the fridge. Currently we have only five sorts of cabbage, and a small bag of potatoes. It is down to the snow and ice, the only shopping we’ve done this week has been at the corner Tesco and a trip to Lidl so the cupboard is full of olive oil and strange chocolate but no actual food. In theory internet shopping should be the answer, but with Sainsburys I find the most vital items like nappies are usually missing, and the fruit and veg are shrivelled items previously handled and rejected by the day’s shoppers.

This is my first post since having Sylvia, it’s been a busy time but will try to fill in some of the missing details of the past two months in due course…


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