tough love

Just got back from a lovely day with my parents and brother. We had a Chanukah celebration, with much presents and food. Just like Christmas only Jewish flavour. Rose totally excited by her new pink scooter, it’s the one from John Lewis that every middle class family has. Two wheels at the front, one at the back. Rose is growing out of her daytime nap but still gets incredibly tired and therefore more violent as the day goes on. Sylvia bore the brunt with a bite to the eyebrow, a punch to the stomach and a number of attempts at squashing and beating her (beloved) baby sister. Inside I was a bit impressed at Rose’s punch, it was from the shoulder. Where did she learn that, do they have a sparring ring at nursery, maybe in a secret room? It’s probably on the timetable – numeracy, literacy, boxing. Great for them to develop self defense skills ready for when they start school.


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