Time for t

Didn’t think I would be like this, but Rose has started pronouncing words like butter and eating ‘buh-ah’ and ‘ee-ing’ and I now say ‘ea-TING’ and ‘buTTER’ right back. If she wants to fit in at school she will have to be bilingual and talk common outside the home and posh inside it. She is at the perfect age for learning languages.

Today I left Rose with Sylvia on the bed for about 30 seconds while I took a towel into the bathroom. I turned round to bring Sylvia in for her bath, and there was Rose lugging her in through the door. This means she must have dragged her off the bed (about 2 feet high) and along the hall (about 6 feet). Amazingly, no one was hurt. I am thinking of being a bit more relaxed about things, now Sylvia is a bit more robust and can withstand a certain amount of being pulled around by her big sister who is in any case mainly trying to show her love and care. It seems Rose can be a safe pair of hands, anyhow.


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