Everyone has a cold. Really, since the snow started we have all been ill, all the females in the house that is. We are all slightly better this week but me and Rose still flowing freely. Unlike Rose I wipe my nose, she likes to go around with a pale green crusty moustache. Sylvia struggles with a blocked nose too. Rather disgustingly while she is feeding, she snorts quite a bit and each time a little flame of snot shoots out, like a small snot-breathing dragon. Rose is coughing less but isn’t her normal self, acting tired and more moany than usual.

Today Rose is sleeping in her new room for the first time. This room has been in progress since September and it’s been weighing on my mind for longer. The sheer massive amount of crap we kept stashing in there rather than deal with it meant it has taken ages and ages to sort out. From computers to tables, posters, old school essays, books, books and books and books. All gone now. I only miss the books.

I am proud to report that I painted a mural on the wall. I talked to Rose at length and created a series of small scenes involving her favourite animals and activities. Hope it doesn’t keep her awake or give her nightmares. I like it anyhow.

Rose is deep into toilet training and has proved to be a natural. Provided you remind her now and again she is clean and dry. If things go quiet for a few minutes, and you pop your head round the toilet door, you will often see her little smiling face saying ‘I done a poo!’. It’s great. However her increased levels of bladder control mean she has discovered a new weapon: the other day she did a wee in the potty downstairs (strange as she is devoted to the toilet and sees potties as a bit childish). She looked at me breastfeeding on the sofa, and then tipped up the potty. She did the same today when she weed on her new bedroom floor, then immediately sat on the bed and did the second part of the wee which I guess she had saved up for that reason. We are blaming this on temporary insanity due to the upheaval and amount of shouting that takes place when me and Jason do any housework/DIY activities.

New Rose-isms include saying ‘I’m upset’ ‘I’m shy’ ‘I’m afraid’ (of lions or dinosaurs usually). Yesterday I offered to give her and Jason some yoghurt but Jason said he wanted icecream or ‘we’ll be upset’. Rose of course echoed. ‘We’ll be upset’. Then after a beat: ‘We’re upset now’. So icecream it was.

The nursery manager reported Rose has been saying ‘I don’t want to!’ in her sleep. She seemed to find this strange. But at home that’s Rose’s most frequently used phrase applied to everything from hair washing, brushing, teeth cleaning, eating breakfast, going to bed, picking stuff up she’s chucked on the floor. She says it about everything regardless of whether she likes it or not, including eating cake.


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