Happy b day

It’s Jason’s birthday tomorrow. Guess what his present from me is? A day out on his own. Yes, by himself. Being an individual, free of children and household chores for several hours in a row. That is is present. I hope he enjoys it and appreciates how much it cost. I notice he has cleaned up the kitchen. Much appreciated.

My gift today was from Rose who said ‘I love you mummy’. Though of course she does love me, she’s never said it to me and doesn’t often say it to Jason. She tells the nursery people she loves them ALL THE TIME. So perhaps the less she says it the more she means it. If that is true, I totally win.

Last night Rose came into my room very disorientated and nine parts asleep saying she had lost her duvet. I put her back to bed then realised she had been all the way downstairs and roamed about opening all the doors. Poor thing, hope she is more settled tonight. She insisted to Jason that he had painted the pictures on her walls and refused to accept his denials. Also this morning she said she liked her curtains and gave them a hug (they are borrowed from friends and are covered in cute farm animals).

Jason’s aunt and uncle came all the way from Lowestoft to visit us today. We had a very pleasant afternoon chatting and eating, and playing with children. Hope you got home ok!


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