Feeling fairly normal

Had a very busy day today socialising, and may have actually eaten TOO MUCH CAKE. I would never have thought this possible while breastfeeding. I’ve had a really full week of socialising, it’s been friend-tastic, and it makes you feel good – along with running, it boosts your immune system and stuff, I reckon. My runny nose has started clearing up for instance. Unfortunately I can now smell again and the smells aren’t good – for instance noticing that Sylvia’s ears smell of vomit and someone’s just done a fart in here. At least I can wash the baby, nothing I can do about other people’s digestion.

I had a surprise birthday party for Jason at the weekend – it’s the first indoor party I’ve planned as we usually try to do things in the garden. But with Rose’s new room being finished, there was plenty of room for the adults and the kids mostly disappeared for five hours, returning only to steal more crisps and sweets. All went pretty well, well done me, with key assistance from lovely friends making delicious cakes and snacks which was a godsend. For one thing it helped conceal the party preparations from Jason. Not that he noticed, other than remarking on the nice cheese in the fridge, and the beer. Totally failed to clock the large bag full of crisps and olives hanging up in the porch. The only downside of the party is that Jason is now aware of my cunning and sneaky nature and will never trust me again. My other husbands haven’t rumbled me yet.

Rose has been saying loads of cute things lately but if I don’t write them down at once they evaporate… at bedtime she said she didn’t want to brush her teeth any more. I explained that this would mean she wouldn’t have teeth for very long. Probably her teeth are full of cavities as she has never properly brushed. We should take her to the dentists but still quailing at the idea. Maybe I’ll get through the first hair cut then progress to teeth. She is excellent at answering the phone and after some smalltalk generally hands it over when the other person requests to speak to mummy or daddy. She doesn’t quite understand that the person on the end of the line can’t see her – the other day, she tried to give my mother a sticker by putting it on the phone.

The other day Rose was trying to throw a ball to another toddler and we had to prevent her from hurling it overarm. Great that she has a good throwing technique but not ideal indoors, standing 2 feet away from the other person. I also love the way she chucks things over her shoulder when she loses interest in them, rather than just dropping them. Obviously we make her pick things up, but I like her style.

I got the last dose of flu vaccine in Sydenham today – Jason phoned from work to report flu-ey symptoms and I went straight out and got the jab. According to the rules, those caring for old or sick people are meant to have the jab, but not breastfeeding mothers. I don’t really understand the logic. All I know is it took ages pushing past the queue of pregnant, asthmatic pensioners outside the chemists.

When to go to bed – trying to double think Sylvia; will she sleep till 3, or 1, or when??? It’s been up and down recently with 10 hours one night, then 4 hours… can’t see an obvious pattern but I think she is responding to the early evening darkness by starting her long nighttime sleep around 4 or 5pm. The last couple of days I’ve woken her up for a feed about 8 but really i have no idea if that is the right thing to do. Usually I let sleeping babies lie. Anyhow I am getting around 7 hours kip a night which is pretty good going and along with all the other lovely family and fun things going on I’m feeling human again.


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