Sad news- and we are all a bit shaken: overnight, Elephant has been sacked and replaced by Teddy. Particularly shocking was that Teddy is a stalking horse: sitting un-noticed in the toybox since Rose was only a few months old, suddenly he is flavour of the month and Elephant is just another toy.

Today Rose was at home and Jason too, who has a touch of flu- I’d always thought there was no such thing but apparently the doctor diagnosed it over the phone. Seems you can have flu but if you have some resistance to it, you won’t be felled, merely hobbled.
In the morning we went out to get Rose’s hair cut for the first time. The lady who does children’s hair wasn’t there so we are going back on Monday. Had Rose’s favourite ‘strangled’ eggs for lunch.

As always when she hasn’t had a daytime nap she had a total meltdown in the evening culminating in biting and lying on the floor screaming. Though the toilet training has gone well, Rose doesn’t like to have her bottom wiped and will deny she’s done a poo. She covers her tracks by flushing and then lying when I ask her what she’s done on the loo. But the massive skidmark on her pants at bathtime is a bit of a giveaway. Hope she gets over these habits before she moves into her first flatshare.


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