Absolutely totally knackered

Instead of my usual “lie in” while Jason takes Rose to nursery I’ve had to get out of my pit every morning to walk her in, then scoot back in time for Sylvia to wake up. This morning I even squeezed in a trip to Sainsburys before 9am. This was mainly so I’d be free to visit Andrea in the afternoon, turned out I got the wrong end of the stick though as I was expected to turn up with Rose – because you can never have enough toddlers in one house. Actually I rather fancied a nice cup of tea on someone else’s sofa safe in the knowledge that my own child was being kept busy at nursery. Still I had Sylvia in tow and she had a whale of a time lying next to another baby, gurgling and being massively cute. She is getting very interactive these days, she specially likes light fittings and the cat. After dinner she had a lengthy chat with the electric socket on the wall.

Going to bed now in the hope that Sylvia will repeat her 10 hours of sleep last night so we could potentially get 7 hours. What are the chances though.


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