Still completely knackered

Had quite a nice day, weather disgusting, cold grey and windy and I’m still completely worn out after the last week of doing all the dressing, bathing and nappy changing, not just for myself but for the children too. So decided to stay indoors the whole day. We put the Incredibles on, and Rose spent the first half hour asking where the horses were. When it became clear there were none she lost interest and came into the kitchen to help me make a cake. I was able to fish out most of the bits of eggshell and she only spilled a bit of flour when plunging her hands in the bowl. Cake tastes delicious anyway, probably the extra flavour comes from the dirt on her hands and the odd sneeze into the batter.

Tomorrow we are going to see some local friends in the afternoon. God I hope Rose doesn’t repeat her performance of last week at our neighbour’s house when she bit a child and then her mum. I was so totally embarrassed. I know what an amazing and wonderful child Rose is, but basically having a biter makes you a pariah at nursery. There they have a policy of not telling parents the name of the biter or the bit, but it’s quite easy to work it out.

Oddly the one child who Rose used to mainly bite is now her best friend: don’t know if I’ve told this story before; anyway what happened was that she used to bite this one kid in the baby room. He moved down to the toddler room and she stopped biting for a while. Then when she moved downstairs too, she started again, on him mainly. But one day she came home with a big bruise on her nose, and Jason got the story out of her about how she had bitten this child, and he pushed her. From the size of the bruise I’d say there was some thumping too. Anyhow, it taught her Respect, and she never bit him again. Not exactly a moral tale and you couldn’t put it in a children’s book. The sad thing is that his mum told me off about the biting (like I was there in nursery telling Rose to bite the kid) and now there is some awkwardness. I was pregnant at the time and it was the last straw in a bad day. She made me cry, the cow, so that’s put the kibosh on any future playdates for the children. Just wait til her son does something that makes other parents think she is a bad mother. I’m saving the fact that her son beat up my daughter for any future moment when I need the moral high ground.


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