Lovely locks

Today Rose had her first haircut! Very nice lady in a local barbers who with the aid of her big jar of sweeties bribed Rose into sitting still while sharp blades waved round her ears. Strangely emotional though I didn’t collect the trimmings. All quite a major event and we had to battle through the wind and rain to get there, too. Behind our house the biggest puddle in the world appears when it rains, it is so deep I believe there is a unique species of seal living in there. Even Rose was a little cautious when setting out to wade through it.

Rose has devised a special new torture- the bacon sandwich torment, in which she doesn’t eat a bacon sandwich but keeps coming back to pick bits off. So you can’t really whip it off her plate and eat it in case she decides she wants it. I ate it in the end, after half an hour it’s anyone’s lunch I reckon.

A nursery buddy came round after lunch, I was gratified that he behaved really quite badly and Rose was wonderful. So nice after the outrage committed at our neighbours the other day to be one going that’s all right, he must be tired.

Sylvia has moved into her own room and nice big cot now. I sort of miss her snuffly noises and knowing she’s there right by the washing basket. On the other hand it will be nice for us to not have to tiptoe round at bedtime and for her not to have dirty socks landing on her head. Sleep well Sylvia.


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