Calling feminist lexicographers

Why is the word ‘nag’ used only for women? It’s the man’s fault for not doing things he is supposed to. So there should be a word for what the man is doing when he is not doing the things he is supposed to be doing, which forces the woman to remind him over and over and over again. Then she gets called a nag, when in actual fact she is merely reacting to the bloke’s behaviour. And it’s not like whenever the man finally ever does the task in question such as emptying the bin, the woman is off doing fun things like speedboat racing, no, she is elsewhere doing even more mundane shit. And to add to her workload she has to carry out her own tasks while at the same time reminding the man to do things. So we need a word for it, the male opposite of nagging. It needs to reflect the passive-aggressive nature of this behaviour. Please send suggestions to
PS just had a suggestion from Jason’s colleague: ‘lagging’. Genius! We have a new word for the OED.


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