Today I put a tiny rabbit toy in Sylvia’s hand and she grasped it between two hands. Also she slept 10 hours last night. She’s GREAT!
It’s what I now consider a ‘day off’ tomorrow as Rose is at nursery. What will I do with my time… hmm, how about applying nit lotion, think I’m infested again. Me Rose and Sylvia went up to the Horniman today and Rose had a lovely time in the aquarium – rather wonderfully she prefers the jellyfish to the coral reef fishes, though she knows her clownfish alright from Finding Nemo. On our way back Rose found out she could stop the buggy by putting her feet down and we had alternate screeching halts and shouting all the way up and down the huge hill. She fell asleep at our front gate and slept til the front door, that was it all day. Still we had a nice afternoon including a session playing with her toy castle (made out of a Waitrose cardboard wine carrier).

Rose enjoys saying ‘I can see your BUTTIM!’ at any opportunity for some reason, sometimes followed by flashing her own arse. Also likes telling me I have a big buttim. That’s fine, it’s bigger than hers anyhow.


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