Me and Rose were having a drink at the Horniman cafe and I said we didn’t have any magazines to read. She said ‘It’s rubbish, my princess…’ and I realised that she was talking about the ‘Pink’ magazine (source of cutting edge princess fashion and kitten data for the 3-5 market) I got her on Thursday. I remember telling someone else about the magazine thing and must have said how crap ‘Pink’ was, in front of Rose. I am now racked with guilt. I’ve spoiled a two year old’s fun. What a horrible person I am.

The Horniman had some great drumming and dancing for children and Rose clapped along and loved it until the drumming got a bit too loud for her. There was a dance group from Bolivia, including several children. Their costumes were great but I got the impression that they had put most of the effort into the clothes and not so much into the actual dancing. The kids did a fantastic dance based around hats, but the adults appeared to be making it up as they went along; one guy was watching the other guy intently and doing all the actions just a split second after him. The (male) drummers were brilliant and also did a dance in only a grass skirt, which looked suprisingly masculine on them. I will look out for one for Jason next time I’m at M+S.


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