WEnt to softplay for the first ever time today, it was the slightly underpowered one at Crystal palace sports centre. Apparently it used to be better but they removed some of the bigger and more fun bits of kit due to health and safety gone mad. Met up with a few mummy mates which was good. Rose enthusiastically went to the toilet 3 or 4 times, a long trek each time. Then she tried to take her knickers off in the softplay area, but managed to stop her. We were leaving when she spotted the playground outside so we did a detour. On the way down the slope she said ‘You must take off your boots, and your tights’. I managed to persuade her that boots on was best.
She was crying with cold on the way there and back, couldn’t find her gloves. We spent the afternoon gluing and sticking pound shop card and stickers. Rose wore her princess dress and a shiny gold hat.

Sylvia slept 7pm to 6.30 am last night. Go Sylvia!!!!!!! I feel very aware that I’m writing much more about Rose and ignoring Sylvia’s baby development. She’s doing really well, and if you read this when you are big Sylvia, I’m sorry and I hope you don’t think you are overlooked because you’re the younger one. It’s just that I’m not worried about every little thing you do, I can see you are ok. I am determined to take loads of photos of you anyhow.


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