Hair today

I got my hair cut at a local hairdresser yesterday, much to Rose’s disappointment as she had very kindly offered to cut it herself. Presumably using those very small, blunt scissors we keep in the craft box. No ta. We must get her a Girls’ World so she can mutilate the wig and practice her makeup skills. Scarily, on Friday she got hold of some ‘princess’ shoes – those plastic mules in pink that I think come with fancy dress outfits – and clumped around the house very efficiently although the heel was over an inch high and the shoe about 5 sizes too big. I’m keen to encourage her to keep up with her makeup and heel-wearing so when she’s big she know how tongs work and other female stuff, unlike me. This is as well as being a barrister of course.

Last weekend we met up with a man from my work and his girlfriend, it was a bit weird as it was like talking to people from another world- they do things like go to the pictures and have hangovers, and they don’t have rows in public… they departed from the cafe looking delighted to leave behind the bickering, scruffy folk.

We have taken Rose around and about recently to play with other children, and she’s been wonderful. Never seems to get into fights so you’d notice, and generally polite enough to consume all the food and drink that comes her way. This is good. We had a lovely day today at some friend’s in Kent. The drive home was a nightmare though in the dark with driving rain. I couldn’t see a thing with the crappy wipers and the glare from the headlights, particularly the headlamps of the car behind shining out of the rear view mirror directly into my eyes. I just gripped the wheel and stared ahead until my eyeballs ached. Got home finally and here we are.

Sylvia slept til 6 am today so let’s see how she does tonight…


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