Since she started in the pre-school set at nursery, rose has been that bit more wired and grumpy. Just a bit different to her normal lovely self. Yesterday she had a completely unprecedented freakout on the way home from nursery, and the scary thing was my utter fury when she just wouldn’t come home. I had Sylvia in a buggy, and Rose normally walks along quite happily. I ended up catching her by the hair when she ran off for the 10th time. Then I picked her up and drooped her over the buggy handlebars, not the safest way to cross the road. To cap it all I was spotted not one but two friends on the way home. The most infuriating thing was that after being completely intractable and running around screaming like a human catherine wheel with me, Rose took Kate’s hand and proceeded home like the meekest most nicely behaved child ever. Nothing to do but suck it up, eh.

Sylvia is growing in size and charm. Today she sat in her baby bouncer and just gurgled and chirped at Jason for about five minutes. So amazing to think she was mostly unconscious for the first two months. Skinny too. Now she is well lardy. Last night she woke at 3 am, may be due to having a cold, so fingers crossed she will repeat the previous two nights and stay asleep til about 6.


2 responses to “Paddy

  1. B went through a similar stage and for a while it’s all going to be about boundaries. The hardest lesson I had to learn was controlling my temper but it’s all good now as I’m sure it will be for you too! Love hearing Sylvia is well lardy – keep up the good feeding!!

  2. Boundaries, yes, we needs em.

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