Poor Rose took a flying leap on the path outside our house and cut her lip. It swelled up enormously and she looked like one of those strange celebrities with plastic surgery malfunctions. The usual cure for her cuts and bruises is an ice lolly but even that didn’t stop her looking totally woebegone with her funny lip and grazed nose. She fell over while she was having a race with Phoebe from next door, and she told me she doesn’t like racing and won’t do it any more.

We had a nice morning at the park, very sunny but cold so lots of parents and toddlers out today. While we were eating our snacks I noticed some nutter had brought his rat-dog into the ‘dog free’ playground area so I went up to him (fag smoking, tattoed, wearing a t-shirt in this weather) and reminded him about the rules. All the other parents looked the other way but surely they noticed his revolting dog doing a crap near the sandpit? Clearly he was facing a terrible dilemma looking after both his daughter and his dog, which he said in a whiny voice would be attacked if he left it outside the fence. Yes! By me! In the end he took his little girl out of the play area, while shaking his fist at me and whining. Strangely I was involved in a proper shouting match last week when someone was parking a car on the pavement and nearly clipped Rose as he went past. I went proper ballistic, especially when I noticed the woman had a small child on her lap, and the people in the car shouted back even louder. We all shook our fists at one another, and a passing couple joined in with shaking fists, we all kept moving and the shouting stopped. Those bastards though, it makes me so angry when I see people holding children on their laps in the car. Nice to get that off my chest.


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