EVerything smells of wEe

Rose has had a bit of a phase of not bothering to go to the toilet, like if she is watching tv she will just wee on the sofa. Apparently it’s quite common for them to go backwards after starting off toilet training – she was going to the look like a pro at Christmas. This week she seems to be coming round to the idea of using the loo, helped by a fairy reward chart and promises of lavish rewards including some plastic dinosaurs and a ballet costume from Sainsburys which she should get by the end of the year. The reward chart is from a pound shop so the little stickers keep falling off. Anyhow I’ve covered the dining chairs in oilcloth and washed the sofa covers so the smell is now less.

Yesterday we ate dinner in front of the tsunami on tv, there we were munching away and all those people have had everything swept away or fallen into a crack. It should put things into perspective but somehow it doesn’t make any difference when the computer freezes or you break a glass, you get irritated just as much regardless of biblical catastrophes around the world.

Had a nice day, my brother came over, we ate a mighty chicken with sprinters’ thighs from a posh butcher. Took Rose and Sylvia to the museum, such a beautiful day we all felt pretty cheerful and sat in the garden at home in the afternoon.


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