Eat Sylvia

Just catching up a bit.

The other day Rose was scoffing a cake and when I asked for a bite she paused and eyed Sylvia who was sitting on my lap, and said “Eat Sylvia”. Killing two birds with one stone when you think about it, ridding the house of her nemesis and also keeping the whole cake to herself. Actually she only ate the topping and I nicked the rest.

Sylvia has almost overnight become a grabbing machine, it’s like she suddenly grew gadget arms and now nothing in a five foot radius of her is safe. Her fingers are pudgy but very determined. If she wants something she will keep hitting out in the general direction until she gets her hands on it, or knocks it on the floor. If you are sitting with her on your lap at the table you had better watch out for your plate. She has had a few tiny dabs of pureed veggies in the last few days, she grabs the spoon so I think she is interested though she mainly dribbles all the food back out. I bought one of those ‘baby nest’ things on Ebay, haven’t quite got the mildew smell out of it so she tends to smell like old curtains when she’s been sitting in it. However it’s a big help as she loves sitting up to watch tv, I mean interact with the family. She won’t lie still on her back, she’s always doing crunches to sit up and get a better view. You can see her building up to cruising already. Gone up to the next size nappies again too, greediguts.

Today we went out to get some new shoes for Rose. To my surprise she rejected the very disco pink glittery light-up trainers in favour of some rather tasteful white mary janes with flowers all over them. And I was going all out for the pink patent with silver buckles too. I always feel a bit wistful in children’s shoeshops because I don’t get to wear all those lovely comfy and gorgeous colour shoes.

After achieving our main shopping goal we went into M+S for some lunch. Then tried to get some gifts for children with birthday parties coming up. Had to ditch them at the counter because while I was queuing, Rose decided to run off. She completely disappeared for what seemed like twenty minutes but was probably only five. I would like to apologise to the nice family I shouted at to get out of my way and then mowed down with the buggy before they had a chance to move. At the sight of a wild-eyed and swearing woman, several people guessed what was happening and all started looking for Rose, they all began pointing in various directions and shouting ‘here!’. Eventually I followed the fingers mostly pointing the same way and there she was. In Supernanny they don’t recommend bursting into tears when telling your child off but you know, it was very frightening for me and she looked pretty scared when she saw me crying. Didn’t stop her trying to escape into a shop on the way to the car.

WE had a lovely day with my parents last Thursday, Rose and mum made cakes together and we had a sunny picnic in the park. Rose was beside herself adding to her natural history repertoire with ever more spiders, dogs, crows, magpies and herons. She was admirably calm when a giant poodle came and sniffed her shoulder, I’d have totally freaked out if it was me. She loved her new stripy dress from mum and dad, and wore it out shopping today, which made it easier when giving a description of her to passers by: ‘Small! Blonde! Stripy dress!’, they found her pretty quick thanks to that dress.
Random things:

On Friday Rose came home from nursery with two good behaviour stickers on, one for listening and one for good manners. Helen said it was Rose’s best ever day.

When I used the word industry Rose said ‘It’s not industry! It’s CHRISTMAS tree.’

This morning Rose asked where Jason’s mummy was. We tried explaining that she wasn’t here any more and stuff like that. Then she asked ‘what does she do?’. We weren’t sure if she meant as a career or how things are in the afterlife, so Jason had a go at describing his mum’s various jobs and we discussed that she used to like making cakes, which is something Rose will identify with.


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