Speeding ticket

We went to a party at a local softplay centre yesterday. Rose absolutely loved it, so much that she wet herself, and I was totally miserable the whole time. Key benefits of softplay should be the kids get to run off and play and the parents get to chat or read the newspaper confident that their child can’t leave without them. At this place you couldn’t see the exit and there were loads of escape routes like the toilets, various stairwells and a trap door to the abattoir. Only joking about the trap door. They had a bumper cars setup, which was pretty cool, but we got told off because Rose kept crashing the car on purpose. Health and safety gone mad or what.

When I picked Rose up from nursery today the manager handed me an armful of mother’s day loot including a card with Rose’s handprints (VERY nice), a little cornflake chocolate cake which Rose was quite miffed that she couldn’t eat herself, and a small plantpot full of compost and decorated nicely with gems and stickers. I asked what was in the pot and they said an orchid, or was it a triffid. Anyway I’ve watered it. There should be plenty of radiation in the tapwater by now so the plant should mutate and start walking around with any luck.

Recently I got an unsolicited email from an agency saying they loved my pictures and was I represented. I’m still waiting for a reply to my reply, half wondering if it isn’t a bit of a joke by some bored assistant who enjoys dancing on the shattered dreams of artists. That would be pretty sadistic though, wouldn’t it? Some people will do anything to brighten up a dull day in the office. Speaking of taking things personally we had the house valued yesterday. It’s not bad considering I bought it for half the price ten years ago but somehow when I got the valuation in the post I felt a little bit sad, like having a could do better on your school report.


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