Chocolate hearts

WE didn’t have any dates or appointments today, which was quite nice as we could mosey round without having to rush too much. We made chocolates after breakfast, headed to the bookshop to buy presents for some birthdays coming up, went to a cafe on the way home and concluded the afternoon with an almighty screaming fit and a very nice trip to the library singing group. Rose was hilarious when another little girl emptied out the box of percussion instruments and got in the box. Rose was visibly shocked at the mess, seized the box and marched around huffing and picking things up, just like I do. She told me off for slamming the door at home too – it was an accident as the kitchen door is just very slammy. She went around slamming every door in the house during a short hissy fit soon after. Hypocrite.

Sylvia had a 4 am wakeup possibly due to a cold (me and her have had the same cold for six months) – she’s gone all walrussy again with her snoring. I have been offering her dabs of pureed veggies for a few days, and while she obviously likes the taste she just spits it out. One mum I know told me her little boy’s poo was changing with all the food he is eating, and I found myself trying to shovel sweet potato into Sylvia while thinking ‘Eat more! It will change your poo!”. So easy to get competitive in this baby lark.

The chocolates were rather nice, though Rose wasn’t allowed to eat any after attacking Sylvia yet again. After tea she said to me, ‘I must not hit Sylvia, so when I ask for chocolates, you will not say no. You will say yes!’ Which is all very well but a minute later she slapped her round the head, and poked her with a yogurty spoon. We had an illuminating discussion on the naughty step – I asked her why she hit Sylvia and she said, because she wanted to. I said why? And she said, ‘Because I want to hug her’. Which says it all really. Love, hate. Hits, hugs. Easy to get muddled when you are two.

If you want to replicate our chocolate recipe, you need to melt some dark chocolate, pour it into some chocolate moulds, put a nut and a blob of nutella on top, then cover with more chocolate. It really tasted quite professional.

I wonder what mothers’ day holds.


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