Flippin eck

Yesterday Sylvia rolled over for the first time! We all gave her a big cheer, which made her look happy. Then she realised she was on her tummy which she doesn’t really like, and she cried. Today we all went for a family swim together (tried last week but somebody had pooed in the baby pool so I didn’t take Sylvia in) and it was pretty cool – Sylvia was great about it and kicked her legs just like she does when she’s in the bath.

The nice weather got us out in the garden. Lawns mown, weeds slashed, rubbish tidied. We even took a load of cuttings to the local green waste collection point. Sneakily by the time I returned with a second load they had buggered off so had to unload all the bags back into the garden, arse.

We spent most of the day in my parents’ garden yesterday too, totally blissful. Sylvia showed she is Jewish inside by attacking a piece of bagel. Ruth and Emile were there too and we had the usual fractured conversations that happen when you are listening with one ear and keeping an eye and half your brain on a child, and a nose on the baby’s nappy. Fun though and lovely to see everyone. Even got a family photo, see below.

Rose was pretty much lovely all day except for kicking Jason’s bread – if anyone wants to know why the bread was on the floor they will have to ask him. Yesterday she slapped his camera and ran away, twice, in a new version of knock down ginger, which naturally annoyed him as he was trying to take a family photo. Also she dive bombed onto his stomach when he was on the sofa, looking at his iphone. Is it possible she is trying to get his attention? Not that she doesn’t get a lot of attention, but she obviously feels she could do with more, more, more. She has been for three days without wetting herself, so her reward stickers are racking up and she is getting excited about having a ‘ballet dress’ with promised shoes. This was on the basis of a costume I saw once at Sainsburys so I really hope I can actually buy something like this when she finally achieves all her stars. Lucky she can’t count well enough to keep track of how many stickers she has so should be able to put off shopping day for a while. I’m just bloody glad of the respite from all the smelly piss soaked laundry I’m doing every single day.


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