More Hastings

We packed a picnic and some children into the car and went to Hastings today, really glorious day with warm sunshine and sparkly sea. Rose had the best time playing on the beach with random children, then sitting in every single one of those children’s car rides outside the arcades. Luckily she didn’t seem to mind that they weren’t moving which saved us pounds. At bedtime she demanded to go back to the seaside ‘now’. We should be visiting Lowestoft soon and will try to visit Southwold of Grandpa in my pocket fame. I wonder if Rose will recognise the lighthouse. I hope Mr Mentor isn’t there, he’s weird.

Sylvia is almost sitting up now and although weaning is going extremely slowly she opened her mouth when she saw a spoon heading towards it. She refused to open it again after discovering the spoon contained Greek yoghurt. LIkes her bread though.

Yesterday was packed with a visit to our friends in Catford (or Catfood as Rose cutely calls it), followed by a 3 years old’s birthday tea. This was really nice with party games and an excellent Gruffalo cake. Rose got so unbelievably distracted and excited by the end that she pooed her pants. It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed a party that much.


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