Smokin’ Easter

We have had a stonking weekend, beginning with an early start on Friday to visit Jason’s rellies in Suffolk. WE had a totally wonderful time, catching up with Jason’s uncle and aunt, eating enormous volumes of chocolate, icecream and other foods. We are all going to a family wedding in a few weeks time so we had lots of fun talking about wedding clothes. Rose is already quite excited about the wedding and keeps asking if we are going to the wedding now. She completed two treasure hunts, one for little yelllow chicks and one for chocolate eggs in the back garden. We had some lovely visits to the beach, digging holes and running away from the waves screaming. The sea was VERY cold. Rose didn’t seem to mind, even though her feet turned purple, equally she can run up and down a sharp pebbly beach with parent hopping behind squeaking at every step. On our way back yesterday we went to Orford castle and in the town we found a smokehouse and bought a bag of smoked chicken, cods roe, sausages and other bits. Also found an asparagus farm with an honesty box where I got a small but completely delicious bunch of asparagus.

Today the weather stayed lovely so we asked the neighbours over for a little barbie. We had more barbequed asparagus, sausages from the smokehouse, plus other bits. The adults mainly sat round looking a bit tired and attempting to keep the peace between Phoebe and Rose so we could concentrate on our wine.

At bedtime Rose and Sylvia shared a bath for the first time. Sylvia enjoyed herself so much she just sat there laughing – a great sound, she’s only just learned how to laugh and it’s so amazing I keep asking Rose to try to make her do it again (Sylvia thinks Rose is the best thing ever and she is the person who made Sylvia do her first smile as well as her first laugh). I think Sylvia has cracked the eating thing, today she absorbed a couple of big spoonfuls of pureed veg and very little remained on the outside of her. This is very reassuring. NO success yet on formula milk, she likes the home made stuff too much.

Yesteday Rose pointed to my egg from Jason, and said “My word! That’s a very big egg!”. My word, what a lovely weekend.


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