Special occasions

Rose can figure out when she’s expected to sit down and act grown up, like last week at Pesach when lots of family sat round the big table in my parents’ dining room. She instantly picked up that something was going on and paid close attention to everything happening. It nearly kills her to sit still for very long so it was pretty amazing how she managed to control herself. Every now and then she had to get out of the room or burst, so she had quite a few trips to the loo and to the sitting room to play with toys (though I think that was for Jason too, a bit). Today we all met up to celebrate mum’s birthday in quite a smart pub in Kent where we had some amazing food. Rose ate absolutely tons proving my theory that she will eat enormous amounts if it’s really good stuff but can’t be bothered if it’s merely average. She spent a certain amount of time prowling under the table or sitting in the buggy making strange noises in order to ‘be a baby’ but on the whole she managed amazingly. This was after a nightmare journey where we sat in traffic for ages in Catford and several parts of Kent with me fuming about whose fault it was we left late. We got there in the end, we even got home in the end. Bedtime was a bit fraught as she threw an iPod at Sylvia’s head and was docked her bedtime story. Possibly counterproductive as we then spent the next hour trying to get her to stop coming downstairs.

This makes me wonder how she will act at the wedding coming up soon, she is already asking is it today? and seems to be looking forward to wearing the special dress and all that. Time will tell if she walks down the aisle or is ‘shy’ as she predicted. I told her it was fine to be shy but I do hope she allows herself to be photograhed. Bit worried as she referred to it as ‘my wedding’ so hope she gets it clear in her mind whose special day it actually is. We tried explaining wedding rings to her and Jason said people give each other rings if they love each other, so she asked if she could marry Jason.

Sylvia has started to consume enough food to make her do what I have heard others call, and I think of as, human poos. These are rather stinky and I already miss her baby poo. It was much less offensive. Though it did stain her baby gros bright yellow so we are just moving on to a new era in laundry.

We now have a nice front path thanks to my brother who came over and did things to the paving stones, and also fixed up a new fence. It is good having him living down south, much more family stuff we can all do and nice to have your folks all around you.


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